Well..I've many interests...Like

  1. Reading : I like to read magazines, newspapers, novels etc. My favorite magazines are :
    My Favorite newspapers are: My favorite Assamese writers are: Among English literature, I like mostly classics. My favorite writers are:

  2. Music : I'm very much fond of music. I just simply don't exist without music. I like a wide variety of music.

    My favorite Assamese singers are: In addition, I like Jyoti Sangeet and Rabha Sangeet.

    I like the old Hindi numbers of Kishore Kumar, Mahammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar etc. I like ghazals of Ghulam Ali, Jagjit & Chitra Singh. I like to listen to Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma's santoor, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia' flute, and Pandit Ravi Shankar's sitar . Oh, I forgot to mention A.R. Rahman!..I'm a great fan of him too...

    Among western singers/groups, my favorites are:

  3. Chatting : I do chat a lot with my friends in real life and in internet-chats. The favorite place to chat here in IITK is in the lawn and the canteen of our Hall-IV.

    In Internet, my favorite chat site is Alamak. I've got some good chat friends. You'll come to know about them in the friends page. I prefer instant messengers for chatting. My screen-name in AOL's instant messenger is jsaikia and my id in Yahoo messenger is also jsaikia. Do you use these messengers? If you use these, you're welcome to send IM to me.

  4. Travelling : I've not gone abroad yet...But I wanna see the entire world in my life.

  5. Swimming : I've learnt swimming after coming to IITK...

  6. Movies : My favorite actresses are:

    Titanic is my all time favorite movie...I've seen this movie about 10 times...

  7. Dreaming : I like to dream a lot...It's enjoyable to be Moongarilaal sometimes

  8. Sleeping : How can I forget that I've missed many early morning classes due to my sleep? I like sleeping...Do you too like it?