Assam, a north-eastern state of India, lies beneath the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The word Assam is the anglicized form of the word Asom, which means unequal.

Assam is very rich in natural resources. Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coals etc are produced in the state. Assam produces 60% of tea in India.

Assam is different from other states of India in that it is by itself a mini-Asia. An ideal meeting ground for diverse races, Assam gave shelter to streams of human waves carrying with them distinct cultures and trends of civilization. Austro-Asiatics, Negritos, Dravidians, Alpines, Indo-Mongoloids, Tibeto-Burmese and Aryans penetrated into Assam through different routes and contributed in their own way towards the unique fusion of a new community which came to be known in later history as the Assamese.

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